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Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

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Wrinkle removers have been used in cosmetic medicine for quite some time. There are three different drugs available on the Canadian market—a practitioner will choose to utilize one of them based on their preferences. Our clinic is certified by Allergan and our practitioner has chosen to use Cosmetic Botox.


Typically wrinkle removers treat your forehead lines and the lines around your eyes (crow’s feet). The product might also be injected into the lower face to reduce the size of the jaw (masseter muscle).


We are sure you might have lots of questions! What does a wrinkle remover do? Is it painful? How will I look? Will all my lines go away? When will they go away? Will I look relaxed? And much more! Not to worry, we will answer all of your questions before the actual procedure in your free consultation.


If you are an experienced user, we will discuss with you all the areas of your concerns as well. Please do not worry, you are in safe hands here! Our highly experienced practitioner will create the look you want and answer ALL of your questions.


If you are happy with the consultation, the injections can be performed upon the same day. We always encourage our clients to come back after 2 weeks for a follow-up. If needed, a top-up will be provided free-of-charge for you.

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