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Lip Enhancements

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For many people, fuller and more sensuous lips come high on their wish list. Often the areas around the lips are the cause of an aging appearance or an unhappy facial expression. A simple and quick treatment can add volume and definition, enhance small thin lips, invert a downward smile, balance our asymmetric lips or reduce the appearance of those fine, vertical lines.


Our experienced specialist will take time to consult with you in order to produce aesthetically beautiful and elegant outcome. Most people are keen to have their treatment as soon as possible. We are usually able to do the treatment on the same day as your consultation if you wish to proceed. Only brand-name, gold standard fillers are used in our clinic. 


Who is a candidate for a Lip enhancement treatment? If you’re unhappy with the shape, symmetry or contour of your lips, then our Lip enhancement treatment could be your answer.


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