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Alla Raitsin

RN, DE, Medical Aesthetic Practitioner

My career in Aesthetic Medicine started over 8 years ago. I had a chance to study under the best injectors and plastic surgeons in the world, attended multiple workshops and conferences in Europe and North America. In these years I have performed thousands of injectable procedures.


I understand now one important aspect of my job; attractiveness is beyond mathematical measurements. To me it's clear that beauty is very subjective. We can be attractive despite the small imperfections that our faces carry. My clients come from different backgrounds and have different desires, but all have one wish in common: they want to preserve their natural facial features. I do too! We all want to look natural. The attractiveness of a human face itself comes from small imperfections, and this is why preserving someone's uniqueness is the most valuable and important part of my job.


We live in a time where science is accessible and progressive. Science gave me tools to recreate attractiveness, youth, and the harmony of your face without changing your personal facial features.

If you'd like to continue this dialog with me, you are invited to book your free consultation.  

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